SAC update 2023.8 introduces two breaking changes for the biExport High: An additional <div class="reactTableContainer"> got introduced in the html of optimized tables which breaks the table formatting in export documents Low: The...[Read More]

An important and absolutely powerful feature of biExport is the automatic collection of different views. With this feature you can collect data: from different SAC applications and stories from different pages or tabs of an SAC application ...[Read More]

With biExport, Export Templates can be used to generate a lot of sophisticated documents. However, there are limits to this concept if you: Use explicit placeholders to explicitly define where Widgets shall be shown At the same time the ...[Read More]

By default, biExport only adds into the export document what is visible on the screen. This means that not all rows of a Table Widget may be shown in the export. Activating the entire resultset You can easily change this by adding the Table Wi...[Read More]

If you are facing problems during an export, our support team can easily reproduce your issue! You only have to collect the following information: the temporary files created during the export the trace log with detailed log message...[Read More]

So far it has not been possible to assign a Custom Widget to a data source. For that reason, custom visualizations had to use a workaround to bind them to data models: adding a hidden table to the dashboard using the table's data source's s...[Read More]